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Oh, for a muse of firepower

That would rise to the brightest heavens of adaptation!

Shakespeare Aliens is the classic feminist science-fiction film on stage, remounted as if it was a history play written by William Shakespeare. A story of soldiers, war, dreams, nightmares, complex human machinations and two Queens facing off in the final duel, the James Cameron film feels like the Bard himself conceived it.

This is the bravado of Henry V and the royal intrigue of Hamlet with A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Merchant of Venice thrown in for good measure.

By Rob Lloyd and Keith Gow

January 11-15th 2022


Birdie and Frog are Professional Picnic-ers who have been in the biz forever. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to picnic with the pros and see if you have what it takes to be the world's next great.

byo; picnic blanket, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks

Watch this space

Created by Paris Balla and Gemma Livingstone

Costumes by Paris Balla

Photography by Emily Keegan

Birdie and Frog: Picnic Professionals


Owl and the albatross

A story for anyone who has ever felt lost, for those who haven’t been heard, the adults who don’t listen and for anyone waiting for a light to guide them home.

"When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. Like, I just wanted to float in the total vacuum of the universe and watch the stars and aliens and junk like that. You have to have a spaceship or space suit or your brains will explode… which apparently is a bad thing. But like in space, you can say as many swear words as you want and no one will hear you and aliens never ask annoying questions like “are you a girl or a boy?” because they’re too busy planning world domination or something.

I see the stars twinkling in the ocean like a giant wobbly mirror and.. it’s kind of like being in space because I can see the stars popping up everywhere... Unfortunately, my brain probably isn’t going to explode from standing here though."

Written/Co-Directed by: Paris Balla

Dramaturgy/Co-Directed by: Sarah Branton

Produced by: Ryan Hamilton

Coming June 2022 at Theatre Works as part of the VCE Playlist

Three stories of Home set to techno music. A party, an eviction, a bunch of aliens.

"Pace builds pulsing beating quickening














D r o w    n i   n   g 


Drip drip"

Created by: Georgia Bell

Written by: Paris Balla, Callum Robertson, Georgie Bright

Dramaturgy: Elly D'Arcy

Composition: Kitty Robinson, Ryan Mangolds

In development at Monash Uni Student Theatre

Full Moon

Home and other stories



Flake is a work in development for Wild Tongues Productions sharing real experiences of ADHD through a series of theatrical vignettes.

"The clown floats up out of the building, past trees and cities into the sky, they jump across clouds and keep flying until they land on the moon. They jump from planet to planet, collecting stars to fill their pockets, until they collect so many stars that they become a star."

Created by: Alana Dare, Paris Balla and Alanah Parkin

Wild Tongues Productions is Melbourne based theatre company and performance collective dedicated to developing and supporting the work of emerging artists and using pieces such as Flake to raise voices within the community.


Image by Montana Sharp