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We Will Rock You -A Promise, not just a title

"I am truly in awe of how a show with such a large company could have such a strong feeling of connection and allow for such caring vulnerability. Before each show, we would gather in a circle around the revolve and each say something we were hoping to achieve this show, and Jordan French would tell us about who/what he was thinking of going into that performance to ground and connect us in our efforts."

We Will Rock you with Bendigo Theatre Company, July 2021

Photography: Daniel Soncin


Rock You



A new work for young audiences about recovering a lost forest and building new futures

"TREE:    We can speak, if one cares to listen. In times of old, plants and humans lived in harmony. I am old and wise, I remember those times and I remember what was done to our kind. The younger plants have grown only in this cave, they know nothing else except for the stories of how the humans treated the plants. That is why they fear you, that is why they do not speak."

Created/Co-Directed by: Paris Balla

Co-Directed by: Simran Giria

Written by: Simone Louey

Dirk/Sound Design: Callum Cheah

Kaia: Hannah Johnson

Rowan/Set Design: Billie Ulrich

Tree/Old man/Costume Design: Geo Valentine

Stage Management: Cara Dowe

Created at Monash Uni Student Theatre, the students of Winters Flat Primary School and mentoring from Arena Theatre Company

Photography: Sam Howarth, 2019

The classic love story of gay car, meets gay car. Now a musical!

The road to my heart

Has always been easy

Never had strife in my life

I’ve always been breezy


The road to my heart 

Has taken the short cuts

And sped around the bend

Until I saw him with all his bolts and nuts


Now I’m driving forwards

Without a GPS

No more driving in circles

The piston cup was my last test


Because now

You’ve found the freeway to my heart 

And we’re on the highway to love

Written/Co-Created by: Paris Balla

Co-Created by: Oscar Balla

Composition/Musical Direction: Bianca Montagner

Costume Design/601 Bus: Geo Valentine

Lightning McQueen: Atticus Stones

Brum: Thomas

Sally: Lucy Rosenblum

Assorted Cars: Lucas Rindt

Created as part of the Monash Uni Student Theatre Cabaret Festival.
WINNER: Most Outstanding CabFest Performance

WINNER: Best onstage couple 

Photography: Ian Cormick, 2019


Petrol Love

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