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Paris is a young, queer theatre maker based in Naarm with a passion for telling stories of representation and hope. They are a PhD candidate at Monash University exploring how theatre may help empower young people to deal with an ever terrifying world. As a baby scholar, Paris is determined to build an academic style that is not only accessible, but fun (they refuse to read anything that isn’t fun which really narrows down the pool of literature to look at…).


Paris has just this year decided that they are comfortable calling themselves a playwright, director and puppeteer, with their professional debuts of all these things occurring this year (Shakespeare Aliens, Puppeteer | Theatre Works January 2022. MOTIF, Puppeteer | A Blanck Canvas, Shepparton March 2022. Owl and the Albatross, Writer, director, designer | Theatre Work July 2022). Paris’ obsession with puppets has been enhanced this year as part of weekly workshops with the Lemony S Puppet Lab where they are developing new works to be presented at the end of the year. Paris has a background in physical theatre and is an alum of the John Bolton Theatre School and student of Giovanni Fusetti.


Out of the theatre, Paris is a drama educator passionate about working with young people. They are currently running the Youth Led Ensemble at La Mama Theatre, making the most silliness you can imagine with the funniest group of teenagers ever. 


Paris is a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic and loves a good board game night and is trying to figure out how all of these things might fit into their future practice. As part of their PhD, Paris is trying to develop a practice of radical queer hope that aims to slow down creative methods so that the process can be as enriching as the outcome. Paris hopes for a theatre future that is kind and gentle and doesn’t feel like it is constantly rushing to get to performance.


"I hope to tell the stories that I never got to see"

I live and create on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations


I pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and the rich history of storytelling on this land

This land was never ceded

No treaty has been reached


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